White Noise
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White Noise in Residence:
The RCA's 'Making the Long Tail' Project

Bean bags have a knack of immobilising anyone foolish enough to sink into them. And sometimes that's a good thing. 

Royal College of Art students are taking over one of White City Place's new and almost-finished spaces for Making the Long Tail, a month-long exploration of making, publishing and communication in the digital age.

We stopped by to listen in, and found it hard to get up again.


Speakers from five corners of the room played new work that RCA School of Communication students were creating in and for the space. In a circle of the bean bags in the centre, we sat in silence.

First, there was Daniele Giannetti's Slow Comando, a sound piece composed by slowing a gangland track down. Sold in the streets in Brazil, these CDs are part promotion, part threat, frequently featuring gun shot sounds. You wouldn't know that from Giannetti's work, an unrecognisable sound circling through the speakers in turn.

RCA White City Place Making the long tail

Later, large-scale prints went up for James Gosnold's installation, Blue Plastic Monuments. Beneath them, shrink-wrapped concrete fragments borrowed the colour blue to reference its importance in historical paintings. Dave McAllister discussed modernising prehistoric weapons by 3D-printing them, while Giorgia Scavo planned a sound piece created from an infinite loop of Facebook Live feeds. 

RCA White City Place Making the long tail

Spending time sitting with other people's work isn't something any of us do much in the course of nine to five. Nor is exploring ideas without a goal in mind. So we're excited that White Noise will be joining the RCA in residence on their programme of workshops, performances, exhibitions and listening sessions over the next few weeks.

Making the Long Tail will be holding public events each Friday, so if you're based nearby, watch this space for details and come down to listen and look. We don't know what outcomes to expect and that's what makes this exciting. More soon.

RCA White City Place Making the long tail

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