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Exhibition: INCOMING at Griffin Gallery

The problem with most galleries, David Mach says, is that they don't let you take a chunk out of the floor or walls. But Griffin Gallery let him do just that, and the space is now home to one of the artist's spectacular installations.


Stepping into Mach's exhibition, INCOMING, something looks different about the space – and not just the Jeep and 20 tonnes of newspaper. No, the gallery has remodelled part of a wall to make space for this dramatic installation. In doing so, they've prompted Mach to create his first new newspaper installation in 15 years.

This is a work that both dominates and enlarges the room in a way that's hard to imagine. Picture “a wave of paper, exploding through one of the gallery walls, and cascading through the room.” Or better still, go and see it. The show is on until July 7th. Meanwhile, on Wednesday June 28th, the gallery will host an evening with the artist, featuring a free, unticketed discussion and a live set from Mach's band, 27 Zeros.

David Mach Griffin Gallery West London

David Mach Griffin Gallery West London

David Mach Griffin Gallery West London

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