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From The Edges:
A Day at Notting Hill Carnival

It's London's most controversial, most column-inch demanding, and most colourful weekend of the year. But behind the dramatic headlines and racial profiling, Carnival is an essential part of West London's rich Caribbean identity: an identity worth preserving, as well as celebrating. Photographer Jamie Drew takes his camera around the edges of the party, and revels in the overspill. 

PHOTOS – Jamie Drew

As a result of the criticisms and chaos associated with Carnival, photo journalists tend to fixate on being in the thick of it: right in the dance, on top of the floats, nose deep in rum and faces full of glitter. This year, White Noise decided to send portrait photographer Jamie Drew to skirt along the edges. After all, the average West Londoner has never felt more edged out then now. Post-Grenfell, post-housing crisis, its feels as though hanging on to the corners is all you can do. 

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